I will support the anti-abortion effort when 99 percent of men practice male responsibility. When this happens there will be no need for abortions.

We can medically and scientifically safely prevent 100 percent of all unwanted, unintended, accidental, life-threatening or criminal pregnancies.

Gov. Front Page and the other anti-abortion forces have not allocated one dime to publicize male responsibility. The Catholic Church, which administers many of Maine’s social services, must have a secret hidden male responsibility program. Thus far, it has thrown all the responsibility on women.

Male responsibility costs less than $1,000 per sperm bank user, enabling men to have all the children they want with a woman’s conscious consent. No more children conceived in a drunken stupor.

Local and national Republicans haven’t got the guts to ask men to behave. All they can do is beat on women through various anti-abortion laws and regulations. The women of Maine need to campaign against every Republican until the politicians are willing to enact male responsibility laws.

Catholic women should withhold money from the collection plate until the Diocese implements a public male responsibility campaign.

Why should God punish women for what men create?

Our attorney general should investigate diocesan social services for their family planning program. Such a program requires male responsibility and training. Why should women have their child support cut because of a man’s behavior?

Next time there is an anti-abortion rally I’m going to be there to remind people why there are abortions and who’s responsible. I hope other men join me in demanding justice for women.

Robert Rand


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