After watching the news and all the hearings that are going on in Congress, it seems to me that the Republican/tea party are not talking about what the American people want, which is jobs and getting the economy moving. They were elected to do the American people’s business, not their own agenda.

They have wasted tax dollars by trying to repeal Obamacare more than 38 times. They complain about the debt, but they won’t talk about how the debt has come down more than $2 trillion.

The Republican/tea party in Congress will not allow the Democrats to bring up the jobs bill.

They are at it again with the war on women, and what about gun control? Do they think the mentally ill should have guns? And then there’s rape. I saw an interview with a Republican the other day, and he said that only a small percentage of women who are raped get pregnant. Are they saying that rape is OK?

And now they are cutting food stamps. Do they care about the kids who are going to go hungry? Some parents have two or three part-time jobs at minimum wage. How can they pay rent, lights and fuel? So they need help to feed their families; what’s wrong with that?

If the Republicans would pass the jobs bill, they would have jobs.

I think the Republicans’ brains are constipated. They need a good cleaning out. Then maybe, just maybe, they will do the American people’s business.

Carol Roux


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