The column “GOP voters ready for reform” by Jennifer Rubin (July 12) was misleading about the actual issues of immigration reform.

Nowhere did Rubin mention that the group responsible for the poll showing broad Republican support for “immigration reform,” Americans for a Conservative Direction, is funded by Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, not only has a vested interest in bringing in workers to keep wages low, but his willingness to crush others in order to enrich himself is so well known that it inspired a movie, “The Social Network.”

This group is best known for its radio and television ads, which imply that border security comes before legalization in the Senate bill, and that Rand Paul supports the bill, neither of which is true.

The poll’s questions are also lacking. Nowhere does it ask about whether voters believe that the promised security measures from the Senate bill would ever take place. Nowhere does it mention all of the waivers and loopholes that make requirements of paying a fine, back taxes and maintaining a clean criminal record toothless.

And the results are not in keeping with other polls. According to a poll done last month by Pulse Opinion Research, 58 percent of voters believe enforcement should come before giving work permits to illegal aliens and 74 percent of voters want legal immigration levels reduced or unchanged.

A more recent poll has shown that 60 percent of Hispanics think that legalization should be delayed until there is a 90 percent reduction of illegal immigration. I trust an organization that does polls as its job over an organization with an obvious political agenda.

Rubin may object to the GOP echo chamber, but it seems to me that the open borders echo chamber is much louder.

Michael J. Jose


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