Freedom is a word tossed around quite a bit these days. Just how this freedom comes depends on to whom you talk.

I, as one of many, believe most of our freedom comes through what is known as the Constitution of the United States.

Back in the 18th century, when it was written, it worked fine, as long as everyone lived by it. Just as today, that probably never happened. Given that fact, however, it is probably the best we could hope for.

We are now in the 21st century. The whole world has changed politically and technologically. Today, our Constitution needs a good revision. Well, perhaps revision is not the correct phrase. Upgrade seems to fit much better.

We unquestionably accept upgrades to our computers, smartphones and iPads. Why not our Constitution, which has far more impact on reality.

We need look no further than the first 10 amendments (The Bill of Rights) to see the need for an upgrade.

Take the Third Amendment, which says no soldier shall be quartered in any house. Really, why would any soldier need to be quartered in our house when hundreds of thousands of military are housed in quarters often better equipped than our own? And the Fourth Amendment? The one requiring the government to have a warrant to search our homes or effects. Today, government searches our homes with electronic devices, not only without a warrant, but even without our knowledge.

How about the First Amendment? Among other rights, our right to peacefully assemble (demonstrate, protest). Where has this right been given when we are allowed to assemble only in so-called free-speech zones? I always thought that the entire United States was a free-speech zone.

Anyone who reads the Constitution will discover more upgrade needs.

Peter P. Sirois, Madison

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