Our former select board in Pittston used taxpayers’ money to hire an attorney to remove one of our town employees. The board spent three times the allotted money for legal issues.

One former selectman took issue with the new select board decision to bill him for outstanding legal fees. He said the town should sue him if it wants, but not try to bluff him in to paying by sending him a bill.

At our special town meeting, I think we should discuss a meeting with the attorney general’s office for possible criminal charges. “Unauthorized use of taxpayers’ money” comes to mind. Perhaps we can arrange for a meeting before a judge without suing him. Let’s show him how foolish he was. Like he says, we are for sending a bill.

Webster’s dictionary defines “vex” as to bring trouble, distress, or agitation to. Let’s vex him as he vexed us.

Greg Ellis


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