We got little to no property tax relief from this Legislature. For the past several years, we have qualified for property tax relief through the “circuit breaker” program.

We just received notice that this program has been repealed in the new state budget and replaced with a credit starting in 2014 for the 2013 tax year. What it doesn’t say is that there will be no tax relief for the year 2012. That is a major increase that we will have to pay out from our fixed income on top of forthcoming local property tax increases.

Also, the maximum credit through the circuit breaker program was up to $1,600. Starting in 2014, the maximum credit is $300 ($400 if you’re older than 70 years old).

That is a disgrace. If legislators keep going they way they are, they will tax people out of here instead of drawing people to Maine.

Larry and Jane Voelpert


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