Bravo to the governor for his insights on education!

His desire to hire Miss Maine USA, Ashley Marble, as an ambassador for the career and technical education program was nothing less than inspired.

Working-class lads dream of a good wife, a practical education and an even break against the hard knocks of life. Marble, with her compelling story of triumph over adversity, presents just that sort of wholesome image.

Instead, the bourgeoisie chattering class is insinuating that the governor’s head was turned by a pretty face.

Pundits who have never bent their backs over anything heavier than a computer keyboard reject the wholesome image of a Miss Maine USA but eagerly tout the advantages of same-sex “marriage.”

The worst one can say about the matter is that Steve Bowen, a man appointed by the governor, chose not to implement the governor’s decision. But even this speaks well for the governor, and the public is left with a misleading story in search of a scandal.

I sincerely hope that Bowen will reconsider making Miss Maine USA a spokeswoman for working-class technical education.

Fritz Spencer

Old Town

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