A disapproving look from a judge, a paltry fine, perhaps a couple of hours in jail, maybe some community service — these are not the answer to folks like James Wiggins, of Fairfield.

If guilty of what he’s accused of, he needs to be confined in heat and humidity, preferably without access to water or shade, until he experiences heat stroke. Then he needs to be tortured and ultimately tied onto a vehicle and dragged along a long dirt road, a dead-end one, leading to nowhere. Only then might he understand the pain he brought to his lovely dog Bella.

Fortunately, she experienced some love and caring while at the Kennebec Veterinary Service in Oakland, where she was taken, alas too late to save her life. And where were neighbors/family/friends while this brutality was taking place? Events like this are beyond shameful. They are tragic.

Shirley Hallett


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