Does anyone wonder about CMP’s charges for delivery? I have. How was it possible for our Public Utilities Commission to agree to doubling our cost for electricity?

When CMP stopped selling electricity, we were paying around 7 cents per kilowatt-hour, give or take, for electricity and delivery. Then, somehow CMP convinced the PUC that it needed that much just to deliver our power. The PUC buckled under and agreed to double our cost.

Then came the “smart meters.” That was supposed to save the consumer money, but it hasn’t. CMP is saving the cost of meter readers, their transportation to get to the meters, the fuel, oil and maintenance for all those trucks. All these savings are going to CMP, but not one penny has trickled down to the consumer.

Now to top it off, it has asked the PUC to OK an extra $2 per month for two years so it can upgrade equipment. If the PUC approves that then it is working for CMP, not us the consumers. This is not right.

One last thought: I wonder who’s paying for the 2,000,000 gallons of oil just lost in Canada.

Carroll W. Cummings


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