While I was reading the July 18 article about Sgt. Brian Gardiner of the Waterville Police Department (“Officer disciplined for mistreating homeless man”), I realized that we hear more about the supposed “bad” things that someone does than the good things.

I have seen the other side of Gardiner, with whom I have the privilege of working in another workplace. Gardiner has always been polite, courteous and caring.

About a year ago, my wife was scared by three men in a parking lot late at night. She was unharmed physically but very shaken up about the incident. I told Gardiner what had happened, and he met her at her workplace to give her some safety tips.

He also told her that anytime she didn’t feel safe, she should contact the Waterville Police Department and someone would come over and make sure she got to her vehicle safely.

My wife and I feel very lucky that Waterville PD has a caring man like Gardiner who strives to protect his city and its residents.

Craig McInnis


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