Here in Maine, we know that air pollution knows no boundaries. We are constantly on the receiving end of pollution created in states to the south and west of us.

We rely on the Clean Air Act and a strong monitoring and enforcement system by the Environmental Protection Agency to keep Maine’s air healthy to breathe.

This month Congresswoman Chellie Pingree stood up for Maine people and healthy air by voting against extreme budget cuts designed to disable the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The budget proposal would slash 34 percent from the EPA, including provisions that would weaken the Clean Air Act and derail efforts to reduce carbon pollution and implement stronger standards for cars and fuel.

None of this would be good news for Maine.

According to the American Lung Association, nearly half of the people in Maine live in counties with fair to poor air quality. Unhealthy air leads to dangerous health effects for all of us, including asthma attacks, heart and lung disease and even early death. Maine needs a fully funded EPA to keep our air healthy for residents and visitors alike.

Our health, our economic opportunities and our quality of life all depend on clean and healthy air. Thankfully, Pingree understands this. We owe her our thanks for voting against this dangerous budget.

Dr. Peter C. Doran


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