Peter Sirois’ letter, “Constitution needs 21st century upgrade” (July 20) requires a response.

Since he prefers to address the issue in high-tech terms, I’m happy to oblige.

Our land is the strongest hardware system in the world, with all the bells and whistles of two sea coasts plus the Gulf, a global range of habitats, the breadbasket of the world and a bounty of natural resources. There’s no other computer like it.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights operating system is the most powerful and free that mankind has ever seen and infinitely before its time. Regrettably, portions of it, such as the Ninth and 10th amendments, are no longer used. Software patches such as 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th amendments have strengthened our system, but I believe others, such as the 17th and 27th amendments, have weakened it.

Computer program Obamacare simply is not compatible, but was installed regardless with predictable dysfunction. Uninstalling Obamacare, along with its applications — czars and stimulus — and its viruses — subsidies and redistribution of wealth — are essential to restore a smooth-running system.

Running antivirus 1st and 2nd amendments also is required, for periodic cleaning. Repartitioning of power applications Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches is necessary for peak efficiency.

If Sirois has that many issues with our “computer” and “operating system,” perhaps he should obtain a new one. He might prefer the computer China with its communism operating system or the laptop Greece and its socialism OS. Only then do I believe he would appreciate the system he currently possesses.

Greg Paquet


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