In a recent letter to the editor, Ernie Canelli III stated that the town manager and the town council should promote the culture of Fairfield.

This would be fine by itself if the culture of Fairfield was a fixed entity. Our culture, however, is a changing and growing one, affected by newer technology, more laws, new neighbors and greater expectations.

Our town manager, Joshua Reny, brings to the town as a whole and the town council in particular different ways of looking at issues in a studied and sometimes overly detailed manner.

As a member of the Fairfield Town Council, I know that the council is by no means a rubber stamp. Indeed, councilors bring to the table perspectives and values that are fed by and feed back into the values and culture of Fairfield.

It is important that the people of Fairfield, or any town, be able to communicate openly and that the resources and methods of interaction and communication between municipal officials and citizens promote openness and transparency with clear goals and practices that are constructive.

Council meetings, be they the televised business meeting or the nontelevised workshop meeting, are open, and residents are welcome to speak to the council about any matter they choose.

Most times, change is as slow as paint drying; other times, change is abrupt and confusing. Whatever the pace of change in our culture, however, the town manager and the town council investigate the issues with care, consideration and due process, being well aware that one shoe does not fit all.

Robert Sezak


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