By calling the Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare” Jeremy Hiltz (letter, “Obamacare exemplifies the way of Satan,” Aug. 3) is making a political statement and not a religious one. The prototype for this act was written by Republicans in Massachusetts.

He sounds like a very righteous and intolerant person who does not know how to separate church from state. He is twisting Bible verses to form his or his group’s own personal agenda. Religious leaders or groups who preach politics from their pulpit should be encouraged to give up their tax-exempt entitlement and go into politics.

The real Satan that Hiltz appears to serve are the 2 percent that are ripping this country off by the second, destroying the environment beyond repair and destroying the middle class, who pay their more-than-fair share. The impoverished are being used as a pawn by the rich to divide the middle class and take their eyes off what the greedy rich are doing to control this country.

Michael A. Poland

East Madison

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