I have read many criticisms of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in the Readers’ Opinions, but never one so distorted and misguided as the one written by the Rev. Jeremy Hiltz in the Aug. 3 newspaper (“Obamacare exemplifies the way of Satan”).

The Affordable Care Act will save countless American lives and help countless more sick people in need, including those who previously have been denied affordable — and in some cases, life-saving — health care because of pre-existing conditions.

Yes, I’m sure the law has some flaws, which will be corrected over time, as is the case with any major new legislation. Yet Hiltz denounces the law as “evil” and “the way of Satan” (his letter’s exact words).

To read such sentiments coming from a member of the clergy was absolutely shocking to me.

I am left with the feeling that his real religion is the belief that any and all taxes are evil and the equivalent of theft by force, and that if anyone can’t afford the medical care they need, then they must have made bad choices in life, too bad. Does that sound like the teachings of Jesus to you?

Ben L. Keene


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