As a professional working with clients with disabilities, it is almost criminal that, after the fact, a state representative now doubts that the state needed to overhaul the MaineCare ride program (“Doubts arise over need to revamp MaineCare system,” Aug. 13).

Clients around the entire state who depended on transportation to doctor appointments, programs and grocery needs are unable to arrange a ride and now wait hours to get through, according to a senior citizen who has Tourette’s syndrome. Many riders complained that there were few problems with the previous system, run by local nonprofit groups.

Nonprofit seems to be a curse word to MaineCare and to the state Department of Health and Human Services. LogistiCare, based in Atlanta, Ga., and Coordinated Transportation Solutions of Connecticut each secured state contracts to provide the service. Now seniors wait hours to arrange a ride to their medical appointments.

Maine has a vision problem. Officials always seem to have 20/20 vision, when looking back at their mistakes. MaineCare? It’s an oxymoron.

Gary R. Levine, Augusta

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