When the leaders of the industrial nations meet next month in Russia, there will be formal large sessions and, in the unvarying tradition of diplomacy, many one-on-one meetings at which more real negotiating might be done.

We’re glad that President Barack Obama erased one of those sessions from his calendar, that with the authoritarian president of Russia.

“The immediate cause of the rupture is the Russian sheltering, against its treaty obligations, of U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden.

However, there are many other good reasons for the United States to avoid entanglement with the near-dictator Vladimir Putin. From Damascus to Moscow, in fact, people are dying or suffering imprisonment because of Putin’s reckless policies.

Things will change, as is also an unvarying tradition of diplomacy, but Russo-American relations are going to be in a deep freeze for a while.

— The Advocate, Baton Rouge, La., Aug, 12

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