WINSLOW — Bus times are estimates and subject to change. Be patient the first few weeks. For more information, call 873-7048 or 873-4281, ext. 2113.

Bus 1 — Robert Bellows

6:50 a.m. Cushman Road, town line to Timber Oakes

6:55 a.m. Timber Oakes

7 a.m. Cushman Road, Timber Oakes to Dunbar Road

7:03 a.m. Dunbar Road

7:05 a.m. Cushman and Dunbar roads to China Road, corner of Robert and Marie streets, Lessa Road, Stuart, Paine, Belanger and Leo streets (JHS and HS only)

7:10 a.m. WHS

7:13 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:20 a.m. Cushman Road, Leo Street to China Road

South Garand and Halifax streets to St. John Street

7:30 a.m. corner of James Street

7:31 a.m. St. John and South Garand streets to Frawley Street

7:32 a.m. Frawley and St. John streets to Rousseau Street

7:33 a.m. Rousseau and Frawley streets to Hallowell Street

7:35 a.m. Hallowell and Rousseau streets to Clinton Avenue

7:40 a.m. WES

Bus 2 — Dot Fogg

6:45 a.m. South Pond, East Palmer and South Pond roads

6:52 a.m. Wyman Road

6:55 a.m. South Reynolds Road

7 a.m. West Palmer and South Reynolds roads

7:08 a.m. Rock Ridge Drive, Emily’s Way

7:10 a.m. South Ridge Drive, South Reynolds Road, St. John’s School and drop, Boston Avenue

7:20 a.m. WHS

7:22 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:23 a.m. Choate and Danielson streets to Bowden Street

7:28 a.m. Boston Avenue

7:29 a.m. Monica Avenue

7:30 a.m. Victor Terrace

7:31 a.m. Boston Avenue

7:33 a.m. Benton Avenue, Bowden Street, corner of Eaton Court, corner of Beacon Street

7:35 a.m. WES

Bus 4 — Roy Strahan

6:45 a.m. U.S. Route 201, Carter Memorial to town line, corner of Pineview

6:50 a.m. Trailer Park and U.S. 201

6:55 a.m. Taylor Avenue

7 a.m. Bassett Road

7:15 a.m. Veteran Drive, Bassett Road to China Road

7:10 a.m. Winslow High School

7:18 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:25 a.m. Charland Street

7:27 a.m. Marcoux Street

7:29 a.m. Clinton Avenue, Marcoux Street to Boston Avenue

7:35 a.m. WES

Bus 5 — Anne Sansouci

6:45 a.m. China Road, Nowell Road to town line

6:50 a.m. Morrill Road, Town line to Abbott Road

6:55 a.m. Abbott Road

7:08 a.m. Albion and Eames roads to Garland Road

7:13 a.m. North Reynolds Road

7:23 a.m. WHS

7:24 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:28 a.m. Whipple Street

7:30 a.m. Poulin Street

7:30 a.m. Rancourt Avenue, Poulin Street to Clinton Avenue

7:35 a.m. WES

Bus 6 — Lee Breton

7 a.m. Marcoux Street

7:02 a.m. Halifax Street, from Marcoux Street to Clinton Avenue

7:05 a.m. Clinton Avenue, Halifax Street to town line

7:10 a.m. Heywood Road

7:15 a.m. Benton Avenue, town line to Roderick Road

7:20 a.m. WHS

7:21 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:22 a.m. Monument Street

7:23 a.m. Rousseau and Maillet streets to Monument Street

7:24 a.m. Maillet Street

7:25 a.m. East Vigue Street

7:26 a.m. Monument Street

7:28 a.m. Bellevue Street

7:30 a.m. LaSalle Street

7:35 a.m. WES

Bus 7 — Wendy Calvo

6:40 a.m. Brann Road, town line to Maple Ridge Road

6:45 a.m. Maple Ridge Road, town line to Wyman Bog Road

6:50 a.m. Wyman Bog Road

6:50 a.m. Maple Ridge and Wyman Bog roads to China Road

6:55 a.m. China and Maple Ridge roads to Randall Road

7 a.m. corner of Marie Street

7:05 a.m. WHS

7:10 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:10 a.m. Belanger Street

7:15 a.m. Paine Street

7:15 a.m. Robert, Jack, Maude and Charlotte streets

7:20 a.m. Marie Street, St. John’s drop

7:30 a.m. WES drop

Bus 8 — Paul Bard

6:55 a.m. China and Randall roads to Carter Memorial, Whisperwood Drive

7 a.m. Patterson Avenue

7:10 a.m. Randall Road

7:15 a.m. U.S. 201, Carter Memorial to Bay Street

7:16 a.m. corner of Gail Street

7:16 a.m. corner of Clifford Avenue, St. John’s School drop

7:18 a.m. WHS

7:19 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:20 a.m. Lithgow and Gail streets

7:20 a.m. Bizier Avenue

7:25 a.m. Leo Street

7:25 a.m. Joe Avenue

7:26 a.m. Bert Street

7:26 a.m. Ginger Avenue

7:27 a.m. Sam Street

7:27 a.m. Joe Avenue

7:28 a.m. Corner of Norton

7:28 a.m. Roy Street

7:29 a.m. Ginger Avenue

7:29 a.m. Helen Street

7:30 a.m. Bizier Avenue

7:30 a.m. U.S. 201, Bizier Avenue to Bay Street

7:35 a.m. Bay Street

7:40 a.m. WES

Bus 15 — June Drew

6:45 a.m. Foss Hill Road, town line to Albion Road

6:50 a.m. Albion and Foss Hill roads to Quimby Lane

6:50 a.m. Old Albion Road

7 a.m. Nowell and Abbott roads to Shorey Road

7:05 a.m. Shorey Road

7:10 a.m. Nowell and Shorey roads to China Road

7:20 a.m. WHS

7:21 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:25 a.m. Halifax and Marcoux streets

7:30 a.m. Clinton and Boston avenues to Benton Avenue

7:35 a.m. WES

Bus 13 — Lou Raynes

6:45 a.m. Warren Terrace

6:45 a.m. Frankwood Drive

6:50 a.m. Woodlawn Drive

6:52 a.m. Pinehurst Avenue

6:53 a.m. Court Street

6:54 a.m. Murray Lane

6:55 a.m. Frankwood Drive

7 a.m. Corbett Lane

7:02 a.m. Roderick Road

7:05 a.m. WHS

7:06 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:09 a.m. Roderick Road

7:10 a.m. Corbett Lane

7:11 a.m. Roderick Road

7:13 a.m. Frankwood Drive

7:14 a.m. Woodlawn Drive

7:16 a.m. Pinehurst Avenue

7:17 a.m. Court Street

7:18 a.m. Murray Lane

7:19 a.m. Frankwood Drive

7:20 a.m. Warren Terrace

7:22 a.m. Corner of Goodrich Lane

7:25 a.m. Smiley Avenue, Warren Terrace to Clinton Avenue

7:27 a.m. Fuller Lane, Roderick Road to Benton Avenue

7:35 a.m. WES

Bus 14 — Carmel Fredette

6:45 a.m. Quimby Lane

6:50 a.m. Albion Road, Quimby Lane to Eames Road

6:55 a.m. Eames Road

7 a.m. Garland Road, town line to China Road

7:09 a.m. Bay Street

7:10 a.m. Winslow High School

7:12 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

7:20 a.m. Chadwick Street

7:21 a.m. Baker Street

7:21 a.m. corner of Cone Street

7:22 a.m. Kidder Street

7:25 a.m. North Garand Street, corner of West Baker

7:30 a.m. WES

Bus 17 — Maureen Nadeau

6:55 a.m. North Pond Road

7:11 a.m. corner of Paine Street, China Road end

7:11 a.m. corner of Belanger Street, China Road, Benton Avenue

7:15 a.m. WHS

7:17 a.m. WJHS

Second Run

Eaton Court/Benton Avenue, Danielson/Benton Avenue, corner of Beachon Street, Herd Street

7:20 a.m. Hollingsworth Street, (kindergarten only)

7:25 a.m. Second Street, (kindergarten only)

7:30 a.m. WES

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