WATERVILLE — Waterville Public Schools recently announces its bus routes for 2013-14.

Bus 2 Silver Moon — Mike Blaisdell

6:35 a.m. Waterville High School.

6:41 a.m. Leave junior high school, Grove/Pine, Water Street, turn at Ballfield, Water Street, Halde Street/Water, King Street/Water, KVCAP — Libby Court/Water, Gray Street/Water Kennebec Street/Water, to high school drop, Waterville Junior High School, Western Avenue/Elm, Elm/Spring, Kennebec Street/Water Street, Gray Street/Water Street, KVCAP — Libby Court/Water Street, King Street/Water Street, Halde Street/Water Street, turn at Ballfield, Pine Street, Grove Street, Waterville Junior HIgh School drop.

7:30 a.m. Albert S. Hall School, Spring Place, Kennebec Street/ Water Street, Veteran Court/ Water Street, Gray Street/Water Street, KVCAP/Libby Court/ Water Street, Carey Lane (second exit)/Water Street, Water/King Street, Water/Moor Street, Water/ Halde, Water/Paris, Water/Water Place, turn around at Ballfield, Grove/Pine, Grove/Trailer Park, School Street/Elm Street, drop at Albert S. Hall School.

7:45 a.m. George J. Mitchell School, Oxford Street, Kennebec Street, Green Street, Water/ Veteran, Water/Gray, Water/ Libby Court, Water/Carey Lane, Water/King, Water/Moor, Water/ Halde, Water/Paris, turn around at Ballfield, Grove Street, Grove/ Pine, Grove/Trailer Park and South Grove, Western/Belmont, Western/Western Court, Western/Crommett, Elm Street (Melcher Building), George. J. Mitchell School drop.

Bus 3 Yellow Sun — Mark Gauthier

6:40 a.m. Mount Merici, Waterville Junior High, Waterville High School, Upper Main Street, Country Way.

6:50 a.m. Ridge Road, Pleasant Hill/Ridge Road, Pleasant Hill/ Penny Lane, Pleasant Hill/ Bluejay Way.

7 a.m. Wilson/Crawford, drop at senior high school, drop at Mount Merici, Alternative Ed

7:15 a.m. drop at Waterville Junior High School.

7:35 a.m. Albert S. Hall School, George J. Mitchell School, Ridge Road, Pleasant Hill Drive, Pleasant Hill Drive/Blue Jay Way, Upper Main Street, Country Way .

8 a.m. Hillside Complex, Chaplin Complex, Ticonic/ Butler, Ticonic/Alden, Ticonic/ Kelsey, Kelsey.

8 a.m. drop at Albert S. Hall School.

8:15 a.m. drop at George J. Mitchell School.

Bus 4 Orange X — Ed Ronco

6:30 a.m. Mount Merici, Waterville Junior High School, Waterville Senior High School, Mayflower Hill/Lloyd Street, Mayflower Hill/Charland Terrace, Marston Road, County Road/Stream View Drive, Quarry Road — (first and last set of apartments), Prospect/Jenness, Prospect/Hillcrest, Hillcrest/ Roosevelt, Roosevelt/Rupert, Boutelle/Lantern Lane, Boutelle/Hillcrest, Boutelle /Jenness, Pleasantdale/Rose-mont, Pleasantdale/North Street, Elmwood Avenue/Rosemont, Elmwood Avenue/Colonial Avenue, Colonial/Sanger Avenue, North Street/Sanger Avenue, Edgemont Avenue/Fairmont, Edgemont Avenue/Brightwood, North Street/Middle Street,to WSHS, Morrison Avenue, Mount Merici, Calvery Temple, WJHS.

7:30 a.m. Albert S. Hall and George J. Mitchell School, Edgemont Avenue/North Street, Edgemont Avenue/Fairmont, Brightwood/North Street, North Street/River View, Marston Road, Quarry Road (Thayer Apartments) first set of brick buildings, Eustis Parkway, Johnson/Rupert, Johnson Heights, Roosevelt Avenue/ Hillcrest, Prospect Avenue, Prospect/Hillcrest, Hillcrest, Boutelle/Jenness, Boutelle/ Colonial, Pleasantdale, Pleasantdale/Rosemont Avenue, Pleasantdale/North Street, North Street/Elmwood, Elmwood/ Rosemont, Elmwood Avenue, Colonial/Elmwood Avenue, Colonial/Sanger Avenue, North Street/Middle Street, Hall School, Wilson/Crawford Street pickup George J. Mitchell, students only, George J. Mitchell School.

Bus 5 White Triangle — Darlene Hersom

6:40 a.m. Mount. Merici, Waterville Senior High School, Waterville Junior High School, Carver/Wilkes, Silver Street/Day Court, Silver Street/Apollo Day Spa and Silver Terrace, Western/ Western Court, Western/ Boothby, Western/Burleigh, to high school drop, Oakland/David Terrace, Cool/Mathews, Mathews, Violette/Brigham, Clearview, Violette Avenue, Cool Street, Cool/Barnet, Merryfield/ Salem, Merryfield/Lowell, Merryfield/ Brigham, Merryfield/ Carver, Yeaton Street, to WJHS.

7:20 a.m. Albert S. Hall School, Silvermount Street, Summer/ Pare, Summer/Preston, Summer/Kimball, Summer/ Gold, Summer/Grey, Summer/ Redington, Sherwin/Autumn, to George J. Mitchell pickup.

7:35 a.m. Albert S. Hall School drop-off.

7:50 a.m. George J. Mitchell School, Silvermount Street, Silvermount/Gilmore, Grove Street (Uncle Dean’s), Summer /Pare, Summer/Williams, Tardiff Street, Turner/Ann Street, Ann Street, Summer/Gold, Summer/ Gray, Summer/Redington, Sherwin/Autumn, George J. Mitchell drop.

Bus 7 Green Circle — John Hassam

6:35 a.m. Leave Waterville Junior High, Waterville Senior High School, Peco Terrace/Elm Street (6:40), College Avenue, College/Seavey, College/Bacon, College/Bell, Greenwood, Central Street, Central Street/ Hazelwood, College/Abbott, Donald Street, Spruce Street, High/May Street, High/ Drummond.

6:57 a.m. Oak Street

7-7:05 a.m. to Waterville Senior HIgh School, Morrison Avenue, to Mount Merici, to WJHS, to Alternative School .

7:20 a.m. Albert S. Hall School.

7:25 a.m. Elm Street/Pico Terrace, College Avenu/Union Street, College/Vigue, College/ Seavey, College/Bacon, Greenwood, Highwood/College Avenue, Central Street, Wilson/ Crawford, Drummond Avenue, Spruce Street, Abbott Street, Donald Street, May Street, Oak Street, High Street.

7:50-7:55 a.m. to Albert S. Hall School.

7:55 a.m. George J. Mitchell School, Union Street, Union Street/Union Place, College Avenue, College/American Legion parking lot, Oak Street, Donald Street, Abbott Street, College/Seavey, College/ Sturtevant, College/Bacon, College/Collins, Broadway, Greenwood, College/Walnut, Hazelwood/Crawford, Drum-mond Avenue, Central Spruce Street, May Street, Drummond Avenue, to George J. Mitchell School.

8:20-8:25 a.m. drop at George J. Mitchell School.

Bus 8 Yellow Hexagon — Larry Brown

6:40 a.m. WJHS, WSHS, Alternative Education, Main/Dunbar, Main/Prospect, High streets, George J. Mitchell Before/After Care Pickup at front door, May Street, May/Spruce, Ticonic/Kelsey, Ticonic/Butler Court, Chaplin to Complex, Pleasant Street.

7:05 a.m. Waterville High School drop, Alternative School drop.

7:15 a.m. WJHS.

7:25 a.m. Albert S. Hall School, George J. Mitchell School, Louise Avenue, Louise/John, Nelson Street, Sterling/Nelson, Carver Street, Carver/Wilkes, Wilkes/ Rideout.

7:30 a.m. Carver Street, Merryfield, Merryfield/Lynn, Merryfield/Cool, Cool Street, Corner of Moody, Cool/Glidden, Violette Avenue, Matthews Avenue, Matthews/Fairview, Clearview.

7:40 a.m. Cedar Street.

7:50 a.m. Francis Street, Oakland Street.

8 a.m. Albert S. Hall, Dunbar Court/Main, High streets, Drummond, to George J. Mitchell drop.

Bus 9 Purple Heart — Kim Bailey

6:40 a.m. Junior High, High School, Mount Merici, West River Road, Village Green Trailer Park, Countryside Trailer Park, Trafton Road, Eight Rod Road, Webb Road to Buffy Lane, Village Green Park/Webb Road entrance, Ovila Drive, West River Road.

6:55 a.m. Orchard Park, West River Road, Waterville Senior High School drop, Silver/ Redington .

7:15 a.m. WJHS drop

7:30 a.m. Albert S. Hall School, George J. Mitchell School, Pickup at WJHS, West River Road/Village Green Mobile Home Park, Countryside Trailer Park, entrance Thomas Drive/West River Road, Trafton Road, Eight Rod Road.

7:45 a.m. Webb Road, Village Green Trailer Park/Webb Road entrance, Orchard Park buildings, West River Road, Franklin/ Collette, Silver/Silver Terrace, Silver/Silver Place, Western Avenue/Belmont Street, to Albert S. Hall School then George J. Mitchell School.

Bus 12 Red Star–Ann Lefebvre

6:45 a.m. Mount Merici, WSHS, WJHS, Shores Road, Barnet, Forest Park, Eaton Drive, Westview Drive, Westerview/ Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill, First Rangeway/Cherry Hill Terrace, First Rangeway/Francis, to Mount Merici drop, Western Avenue, Western/Vallee, to High School drop.

7:20 a.m. WJHS drop.

7:35 a.m. Albert S. Hall School, George J. Mitchell School, Lincoln Street, Washington, Martin Avenue, Forest Park, First Rangeway, Eaton Drive, Cherry Hill Drive, Western Avenue, Western/Vallee, Western/Gritty Lane, Messalonskee Avenue, to WSHS.

8:10 a.m. to Albert S. Hall School, George J. Mitchell School.

Bus 16 Brown Bear–Bob Bailey

6:40 a.m. WJHS, First Rangeway/John’s Market, First Rangeway/Edgewood, Averill Terrace, Mayflower Hill Drive, Grouse Lane/North Riverside Avenue, Heath/Burleigh, Burleigh/ Gilman Street, Morrill Avenue, Pleasant/Center, Pleasant/ Sheldon, Pleasant/ Dalton, Pleasant Street/School Street.

6:55 a.m. Silver/Western, Summer/Sherwin, Summer/ Redington Street, Summer/Gold, Summer/ Williams, Summer/ Pare.

7:10 a.m. Drop at WJHS.

7:20 a.m. Albert S. Hall School, George J. Mitchell School, Glen Avenue, Lloyd Road, Mayflower Hill Drive, Averill Terrace, First Rangeway/Edgewood, Elmhurst, Western Avenue, First Rangeway, Highland Avenue, Noyes/ Highland, Burleigh Street, Morrill Avenue, Gilman Street, West Street, Nudd/Dalton, to Albert S. Hall School drop, Pleasant/ Sheldon Place, Park St/Pleasant, Pleasant/Center Street, Pleasant Place/Pleasant Street, Pleasant Street/North Street.

8:15 a.m. Drop at George J. Mitchell School.

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