Gov. Paul LePage has a particular manner of expressing himself. It is definitely consistent. I noticed in the newspaper article on Aug. 20 concerning his latest statement of note that the last person interviewed thought people are getting used to the governor’s somewhat less than diplomatic remarks. “Oh, there goes LePage again” sort of attitude.

After giving it some thought, I believe we should give LePage’s remarks, which we are all getting used, a formal name to cut down on the need for extra words. Thus, I suggest we call them LePageisms. Ism is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as “distinctive or characteristic behavior.”

LePage means what he says when he says it and he makes his point of view clear. Some people would choose to use a little more tact in saying the same thing. That makes certain statements that LePage makes distinctive and it has become characteristic behavior. So call his sound bites that are offensive LePageisms. Everyone will know instantly he has once again embarrassed the residents of Maine.

The office of governor of Maine is an important position because the governor represents all of Maine’s residents to the entire world and is elected to be a leader. It is unfortunate that LePage does not recognize that his LePageisms hurt all of us, including him. And because of his position it does not matter whether he makes them in a public forum or at a private event. He should express his opinion, but perhaps he could consider finding a less offensive way to do it. His legacy should be his accomplishments, not his LePageisms.

Anne P. Schaad


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