Seattle is considering a minimum wage of $15 per hour so all workers there can live comfortably (“Minimum wage of $15 urged,” Aug. 20). Financial experts, including a venture capitalist and a professor from California, have determined such a move will enrich everyone and create more jobs. So it must be true.

With apologies to any residents of this left coast city who disagree, I believe it is time for Seattle to enact the new wage structure without delay. Within a year or so, with city coffers awash, new houses sprouting up everywhere, and the unemployed arriving in droves to help fill the demand for more workers, the rest of the state will follow suit. Soon after, Oregon and California will realize that they need to outdo Washington state to get in on the action, and will boost their minimums to $20 or so. And by the time it spreads to our humble state in a couple of years, we should be looking at least $75 per hour minimum. With this “very simple and elegant” concept in place, we’ll all be rich!

Your move, Seattle.

Clifford Earle

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