Cuts to school programs and reductions in the number of teachers are the direct result of the foolhardy, irresponsible legislation that cut taxes.

The governor signed that legislation into law despite the fact that our state was struggling with economic recession. As a result of that malfeasance, state revenue sharing to help towns and schools pay the cost of government and children’s education has been greatly reduced and property taxes have been increased substantially.

And to make matters worse, the “circuit breaker” program has been eliminated. That essential program helped elderly persons, living on small fixed incomes, pay their high property taxes.

Student proficiency is slipping; roads, bridges and highways are deteriorating rapidly and not being repaired because this governor has refused to take action on voter-approved bond issues. Now winter is coming, making repairs much more difficult and costly.

Sufficient food, housing and health care is growing increasingly more unaffordable for the thousands of people who have low-paying, service-economy jobs. This increases the need for MaineCare, food stamps, fuel assistance and housing programs. These needs cannot simply be ignored.

An organized society requires government and in an organized society there are costs. There is anarchy in society without a publicly enforced government.

The “cut taxes” mantra defies the obvious. Not properly funding government encourages the traits of anarchy and is insane, (“a state of mind that prevents normal perception”). The insane, “cut taxes” mentality has brought us the above-mentioned calamities. In order to restore fiscal sanity in our state, our current Legislature must restore lost revenue by reversing tax-cut legislation and also must accept the expansion of MaineCare that is fully funded by the federal government. And, of course, the governor has to sign such legislation into law.

Jim Chiddix, Waterville

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