Not in my backyard. Some think that we’re that type of person. I live in Lexington Township, not far from Flagstaff Lake. We call it God’s country.

Highland Wind and Iberdrola Renewables are proposing huge wind turbine facilities in our back yards. Sen. Angus King was part owner in Highland Wind before he ran for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Sen. Olympia Snowe. I knew then that we were in huge trouble, and I put my house up for sale.

Look up on the Internet the name T. Boone Pickens. See how he spent millions on what was to be the largest wind turbine facility in the 50 states.

His attempt cost him many millions, when he found wind is not the way to go. He abandoned wind and now he is into natural gas. Pickens found out that wind power is not efficient, so why put them up ruining our beautiful state of Maine?

How about leaving all of Maine free of these useless wind turbines. I say go hydro and natural gas. We have to be smarter than a politician and wind turbines folks.

Buck Simpson

Lexington Township

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