I paid my membership at a local gallery hoping to exhibit some of my paintings. I didn’t realize, however, that I was required to have a computer in order to deal with gallery staff.

I took and passed a computer course at the University of Maine in Fort Kent in 1994, but I hate them and do not want one.

I have a painting of our first beagle, Phoebe, with my husband’s hunting boots that I wanted to be in a show at the gallery. I was offered $1,000 for it about four years ago, but I did not want to part with it at that time because it was too soon after my husband died.

Now, I need money to pay bills and am ready to sell it. The gallery wanted me to take a picture and send it to them via email. Pictures sent in via email will be judged, and we will receive a message via email to tell us if our paintings have been accepted for the showing.

It took a while before I could find someone to help. After a neighbor did it for me, I called the gallery to confirm they’d received it, but I got a recorded message telling me to get on the computer once more to get in touch with them.

Have these people got to the point where they refuse to speak to people? I guess the world has forgotten how to socialize. Sorry, but I refuse to bow to technology. I enjoy interacting with people.

Joyce St. Pierre Acheson


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