My wife and I love cycling the Kennebec River Rail Trail, and we are always polite and considerate to others using the trail.

I’d like to know why some ignorant morons think it is OK to break the fence rails and posts, deface signs and litter? They are cowards who slink around after dark with nothing better to do with their time. I always thought that if people wanted to take their dogs on the trail, they were supposed to have them on a leash or under voice command and pick up after them.

I ride to work in Augusta a couple days a week from Gardiner. On the morning of Aug. 28, I was almost to Augusta when I came up on a woman with a dog. The dog was not on a leash and some distance away. As I came closer, the dog finally went up alongside the woman, and I said, “passing on your right.” At that moment, the dog took off after me, started barking and chasing me up the trail, and didn’t stop until I sprayed it with water from my bottle. Thank goodness, it wasn’t a big dog.

It’s things like this that will make the trail off limits to pets in the future, which is too bad. Why is it that someone always has to push the envelope when it comes to rules? We have something wonderful in the Rail Trail so why not work toward making it pleasant for all?

George Eastman


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