It is getting the time of year again for the annual obnoxious Toy Run, with its ear-splitting noise and no help from local law enforcement, even though the noise is totally illegal.

For years now, I have asked our local law enforcement, including the state police, why we, as taxpayers, have to put up with this obnoxious noise.

They all keep telling me they are working on it.

Maybe the United Bikers of Maine have our municipal and state officials in their back pockets, so the police are not asked to enforce this law. If that is true, then state and local officials and police are equally at fault for this law being broken as the bikers themselves.

It is pretty sad when 5 percent of the state’s population can sweet talk officials to overlook laws so they can ride their illegal bikes.

Whenever police officers undergo a refresher course, part of the process should be how to enforce the laws of this state properly.

I am not a policeman, but I am a disabled Vietnam veteran who served proudly.

The military did teach me how to follow and obey all laws and rules regardless of what I thought.

Joseph Rocque Jr.


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