Labor Day honors the working men and women of America. I want to thank them for the hard work they do to build a stronger Maine, and to build a better life for their family and loved ones.

Labor Day is also a day to reflect upon the progress our country has made to ensure American workers receive the support they deserve. We’ve fought to make sure that folks are well paid for hard work. During the 20th century, the United States enacted a 40-hour work week and created the weekend.

Each of us helps shape and upholds the bedrock that our state and nation are built upon, from hard work and sacrifice, to taking care of one another. Giving every man and woman a shot at success is what America is all about.

But there is still more to do. Today’s challenging fiscal environment has hurt our workers and forced many to work harder and harder just to make a living. These are tough times for Maine’s workers and even tougher for those who are looking for work.

As we reflect upon the progress that has been made for workers, we also must remain vigilant of the need to sustain that progress and recommit ourselves to even greater efforts to protect Maine’s workforce and strengthen our state.

Rep. Tim Marks


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