Brandon Berry will have his third professional fight Thursday against his second professional opponent.

Berry, 25, will take on Jesus Javier Cintron at the Verizon Wireless Center in Manchester, N.H. Cintron is a mystery to Berry, a West Forks native.

“I don’t know much about him,” Berry said. “I feel like I saw him fight a few years ago, but I don’t know. He’s kind of tall. He loads up with his shot. He could be a little wild.”

In six fights, Jesus Cintron has one win, three losses and two draws. The Springfield, Mass. boxer’s last fight, on Aug. 24, was a four round loss to Antonio Chaves Fernandez in Derry, N.H. Cintron’s win came on June 29, 2012, over Rameil Shelton.

Despite Cintron’s record, he should not be underestimated, said Berry’s trainer, Ken “Skeet” Wyman.

“He’s got experience. He’s got a less than perfect record, but we can’t overlook him,” Wyman said. “I remember hearing about him as an amateur. He’s fairly dangerous.”

Cintron’s wide-open style of fighting is a contrast to Berry’s defensive, attack when the opponent leaves himself open, style of boxing.

“His style should be tailor-made for Brandon,” Wyman said.

Berry’s first two pro fights were against Bill Jones, a mixed martial artist trying his hand at boxing for the first time. Berry won both fights easily. First, Berry beat Jones via TKO in the fourth round of their fight at Skowhegan Area High School on May 11. In the rematch on July 20, Berry won with a knockout of Jones.

In preparing to fight Cintron, Berry knows he getting into the ring with a boxer. Jones’ mixed martial arts background made him a wild card, as far as technique and approach went.

“(Jones) threw things differently. He moved differently,” Berry said. “This fight is more in my element. In amateurs, I fought a lot of really good boxers. I’m just looking for a good fight.”

Berry’s plan is to have two more fights this year. Wyman said he’s working on scheduling a fight in Windsor, Vt. for October, and Berry plans on boxing at the Portland Expo on Nov. 16.

Berry’s bruised rib, suffered while sparring last month has healed, Wyman said.

“He just started sparring again last week,” Wyman said.

The plan still calls for Berry to drop weight and begin fighting at 135 pounds instead of the 143 at which he currently boxes. Berry is 5-foot-5, and Wyman thinks his protogee will be more competitive at the lighter weight.

“We’re heading to 135. That’s where Brandon needs to be,” Wyman said. “He’ll be stronger at that weight because he’ll be fighting smaller guys.”

The fight is part of the 12th annual Fight to Educate, a boxing card with proceeds to benefit the SEE Science Center, the Bobby Stephen Fund for Education, and New Horizons for N.H. Among the boxing celebrities scheduled to attend are Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, a former world lightweight champion, and Buddy McGirt, who trained Berry’s boxing hero, the late Arturo Gatti.

“It will be an honor to fight in front of (McGirt),” Berry said.

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