LITCHFIELD — Game wardens are urging property owners in a Richmond Road neighborhood to keep their trash out of reach of a hungry bear.

The bear has been attracted by trash containers being used by homeowners to the area of Ford Lane, a mobile-home park off Richmond Road, Cpl. John MacDonald of the Maine Warden Service said.

MacDonald said wardens have yet to see the bear, but it appears there is only one. He said wardens are working with homeowners to find a better way to dispose of trash, at which point the bear probably will lose interest and stay away.

MacDonald said a hunter has set bait in the area as part of the ongoing bear season.

He encouraged anyone who sees a bear to keep their distance, but said the Litchfield bear does not pose an immediate risk to public safety.

Bears typically fear human contact and scare easily, MacDonald said. He said the sound of banging metal is particularly disturbing to bears and typically will cause them to run away.

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