It’s amazing the overwhelming concern regarding socialism in this country. The redistribution of wealth is not a new idea invented by the Obama administration. Examples can be traced back to John Adams, who even though he was opposed to paying taxes to King George, had no problem taxing the colonists of their every possession to pay for the war. Even those who were still loyal to the crown paid these taxes.

The tithes and offerings paid by a church congregation could be regarded as a mandate. (A scriptural principle in living the Christian life.) Depending on the wealth of the congregation, the money pays the pastor’s salary, housing, taxes, health insurance, travel and retirement, just to list a few.

Property taxes are used to pay up to 80 percent for education in Chelsea. Why don’t parents pay for their own children’s education and let people like me hold on to a little bit more of my retirement?

The programs instituted by Franklin Roosevelt were all socialistic reforms. Was that wrong? Those in the bread lines didn’t think so.

If the solution to our woes is to let the poor, sick, aged and disabled fend for themselves (no one makes that choice) so that the rest can live better and tote their AK-47s, then don’t be too surprised if the majority of our society continues to vote the other way even though voter rights are being suppressed.

The current administration doesn’t have all the answers, but it just seems as if it is trying more than those who oppose.

David Morang


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