Recently, I received in the mail an invitation to join the National Rifle Association.

The leaders of that organization have opposed universal gun registration vehemently, even though a recent survey showed that close to 80 percent of NRA members are in favor of such legislation, and 90 percent of Americans overall. Yet the demagogues that are its leaders continue their opposition.

On another matter, I just don’t understand the organization’s opposition to a ban on assault weapons. Just who is it that the NRA is planning to assault?

I’m an ex-Marine, Korean War veteran, and am familiar with these weapons. They have one sole purpose: to kill as many people as possible, in as short a time as possible.

Twenty little kids from Newtown, Conn., will never go on their first date, share their first romantic kiss, or be able to give birth to, or witness the birth of their first-born, all because of an assault weapon. That is just one instance, but perhaps the most horrific. I declined the invitation.

Tom Ohlund


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