While attending Windsor Fair to see our nephew in the lawn tractor pulling event, a group of veterans sat in front of us. Each of these veterans had lost a limb, or multiple limbs, in our recent war.

It was an honor to sit behind them and an eye-opener to see the major adjustments they have had to make not only for themselves but their families.

They were very friendly with smiles on their faces, and none of them wanted pity shown. Some played with their children, others just held them. They were having a good time.

It brought tears to my eyes, but also love and respect to these young men, for keeping us free.

I had a hard time getting to sleep for a couple of nights, just wondering how I would do if I were in this situation.

I picked up the paper this morning and there they are again, our heroes. I am not a veteran but my dad, brothers-in-law and many friends were.

I cannot say enough about our veterans. Some have waited years for their medals; others die never getting theirs because they were lost.

Some veterans battle every day for help because of all the red tape and the people who drag their feet.

Foot-draggers should just drag them over to Travis Mills and his buddies, sit down and have a chat about life in general and they will have an eye-opening conversation. It is because of them that you have your life and family.

God bless, and I salute all veterans here and gone.

Charlie York


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