I’ve just finished reading the Sept. 5 letter from Joseph Rocque Jr., “Why are toy runs allowed to break the law?”

I couldn’t agree more. I too have noticed in recent years that not only are these bikes off the noise charts but more importantly these “convoys” do not show any consideration at all if traffic is trying to get onto the highway.

My wife was on her way to the hospital to visit a friend, and she had to wait at the intersection for more than 30 minutes before the cop allowed her and other upset motorists to pass. What if she or someone else had an emergency?

I bet the governor wouldn’t have to put up with such noise. Oh, that’s right, didn’t he, as mayor of Waterville, ban bikes that had excessive noise levels from the city’s streets? Or does the problem lie within the ranks of the Augusta Police Department? Whomever is at fault for allowing this to continue should re-evaluate their priorities.

One has to laugh when the commercial for “give bikers a break, look twice then proceed” airs on television. How on earth are we supposed to give them any respect when they show none at all? Maybe if everyone stopped donating toys to such a worthy cause, we might then see some positive results.

Richard Alfieri


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