Everyone realizes trees are important. I love trees. When a tree takes out the electricity for thousands of people, however, it is not necessarily a good thing.

Towns pay for tree removal for a reason. If someone tells the town their tree shouldn’t be cut and then that tree takes out the power lines, that person should be sent the bill. And the cost to restore power is very expensive.

I am convinced most of these people do not even realize where paper comes from. Without wood we wouldn’t have wood heat, wood pellets, newspapers, magazines, mail, checks, paper money.

To live without wood, one would have to live in a totally brick, mud, adobe, concrete house and use no paper towels, no napkins, no toilet paper.

Then maybe they’d have the right to enjoy the suffering of others when their tree falls on the power lines, cars and homes.

Then, when they receive the bill to restore power, they shouldn’t complain. Their tree is safe.

Ed Morris


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