I was watching “60 Minutes” on CBS on Sept. 8. It has been some time since I watched that show, but that one really caught my interest.

The host was interviewing people about the cause of American job losses. It appears that not all jobs are going overseas. Even some Third World countries are losing jobs to the same entity: Robots.

What started out as mechanized labor has evolved into full-fledged robotics. Not only are menial tasks associated with the auto industry relegated entirely to robots, but even material handling in shipping companies is taken out of most human hands.

Many surgeries (not exactly a low-skilled function) are performed by robots. Complex research tasks by highly skilled humans are being replaced by computer programs.

I guess law firms have no respect for human beings when it comes to saving a buck or two here and there.

It appears that now, it is not just the little or no educated that are being cast aside. College bachelor degrees are quickly becoming irrelevant.

From a profit-oriented point of view, it’s almost a perfect world. The only thing left to be replaced by a robot is in the decision-making field: Robots to decide who gets put jobless into the street.

Hold the phone! We already have such heartless robots. They’re called CEOs.

Peter P. Sirois


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