I read with interest Gov. Paul LePage’s reasons for not expanding MaineCare. He used a report from Michigan that supported expansion of the program and twisted it to his liking so that he could say that MaineCare would be expanded only to include young men who smoke and drink.

First, we should all be aware that a survey done in Maine did not show any of the so-called “facts” LePage cited. But, then again, why would he listen to any surveys from the people of the state of Maine?

Secondly, MaineCare is designed for the elderly and disabled, so maybe he needs to learn exactly what that means. For these folks, MaineCare can be their only form of health insurance and the only way for them to get medical care.

Perhaps the governor needs to learn how to read reports and have someone explain the data to him. He obviously cannot do that on his own.

He also has no sympathy for the elderly and disabled and apparently looks at not providing health care to them as a way to get rid of them. Then he can say Maine doesn’t need to expand the program because not that many people need it.

Gail Sisto


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