I’m reading the newspaper dated Sept. 21, and I see headlines reflecting the same theme: Economic disparity a bigger threat than war, Should fast food workers earn a living wage?, etc.

Other issues always state we have to cut this or that program, or we need to raise taxes or increase revenues to compensate for everything going up.

Does anyone out there even have a clue of what to do or how to fix this economy?

I believe our first and most immediate step should be to insist that gas and oil prices come down to less than $2 per gallon. This would not only put more money back into each person’s pocket, but also boost this sad economy.

I believe that if this happened we’d hear less about cuts of programs and maybe hear about cuts in taxes because we’d have more discretionary income. This should have a positive snowball effect by getting more people off food stamps and other programs, which also would boost the economy.

It is time for all of us non-wealthy Americans to stand up to our so-called government and local leaders, and insist they do a much better job and for once start earning their pay.


Barack Obama and George W. Bush were both inept and unwilling to stand up to greed and corruption.

I know that evil, corruption and greed, are all hard to fight, but if we don’t, we are doomed, it is that simple. We can’t continue as we have been.

Ed Rowe


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