I was pleased to read an article in the Sept. 22 Morning Sentinel that summarized a demonstration in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline.

Environmentalists throughout the country are concerned about its construction. In fact, 350 Central Maine held a similar action in Waterville, but ours was not mentioned in the Sentinel.

On Sept. 21, a group of concerned citizens staged a demonstration on the bridge at the intersection of Kennedy Memorial Drive and Silver Street. This event was one of hundreds happening worldwide, as part of 350.org’s “Draw The Line” campaign.

We held up a large sign that made our point: We want to stop tar sands oil and Keystone XL pipeline. We had a black pipe representing the Keystone XL pipeline, with black cloth spewing from both ends, indicating tragic oil spills that will surely result, should President Barack Obama approve the pipeline.

Motorists passing by gestured with thumbs-up signs, honking horns, waves, smiles, cheers, and, yes, an occasional vulgar gesture.

Linda Woods


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