I have known Dale McCormick for many years, and she has always worked hard for what she believes in.

I have seen her work to improve Augusta. I served on Capital Riverfront Improvement District when McCormick was co-chairwoman.

During that time, McCormick worked hard to see that Mill Park became the wonderful place it is today with the dog park, farmers market, petanque court and great place to walk and enjoy the river.

I believe McCormick has proven that she has the experience and determination to make a good city councilor.

McCormick is a problem solver and I know she will think out of the box to find ways to fund things such as Bicentennial Park, Bond Brook Park, extra police officers on the streets, improved public transportation and the addition to Lithgow Library.

At the same time, she will always work to keep taxes down.


Patsy Garside Crockett


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