Apparently the China Board of Selectmen, Budget Committee and China Lake Access Feasibility Committee all believe we are a wealthy community.

On Nov. 5, voters will be asked to approve the purchase of lakefront property for the purpose of creating a community park for the residents. The town already has a purchase agreement with Wachusett Properties of Massachusetts, the owner of the land on Lakeview Drive known as “The Cabins,” formerly Candlewood Lodge.

What the town is not telling us is how much money is actually involved with the purchase. When everything taken into consideration — the purchase price, the interest over a 30-year period, the loss of annual property tax — the cost will amount to more than $1 million.

We are being asked to vote for a sum of only $575,000, which is the purchase agreement price only. The remaining costs conveniently have been left out.

The China Lake Access Feasibility Committee has come up with a long list of “if’s” regarding operation and maintenance cost — none of which I see happening.

I see this Community Park as a lifetime money pit, resulting in much higher property taxes that ultimately will lie with China taxpayers.

I encourage every resident of the town to vote no on Nov. 5.

Laura Pierce


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