I have lived on Lakeview Drive on China Lake for almost six years, during which time my property taxes have almost doubled.

To my knowledge, I have the same services now as I did six years ago. And, like many of you, my income did not double during the past six years. In reality, it increased only 6 percent, compared to the almost 50 percent increased taxes imposed by the town of China.

This November, we the taxpayers will decide whether to approve the spending of our future tax dollars to purchase the privately owned Candlewood Cabins on Lakeview Drive for $575,000.

The town has about $122,000 on hand for this purchase and plans to borrow the additional $465,000, on a 30-year note at 3.99 percent interest.

This cost, however, is the purchase price only. The development, maintenance and operational costs are yet to be determined. That total cost will be substantially larger, and someone will have to pay that bill.

And, more often than not, that someone is the taxpayers.


There are many other issues involving this proposed purchase, but none is as important and timely as this new debt, which will be placed on taxpayers’ shoulders.

With the current economic environment of the federal, state and local governments, I encourage other voters in China to vote no on Nov. 5, and stop China from increasing and spending our future tax dollars.

Scott Croker


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