In a world of all bad news, all the time, I am grateful for the columnists. I read newspaper reports every day — hard copy and online — out of a sense of responsibility and the desire to know what’s happening in the world. It’s the columnists, though, who brighten my days.

I read the latest from the Backyard Naturalist, Dana Wilde, about the spiders of October (in the Oct. 10 newspaper). Spiders are not my favorite critters, but they are an inescapable fixture of life in mid-Maine.

The hubby and I have said for 12 years that this is the most spidery place we’ve ever lived. Spiders drape themselves across doorways and passageways, and surprise us in garden, garage and basement. We usually play along, but sometimes we vacuum them up.

The Naturalist’s observations about the tiny spideys with whom we co-exist gave me appreciation of the diversity and diligence of those in the eight-footed world.

While on the subject, here’s thanks to the editors for continuing to host a fine network of column writers: In addition to Wilde, we have J.P. Devine, Amy Calder, George Smith, Theodora Kalikow, Bill Nemitz, Liz Soares and others.

These talented, thoughtful people are among the columnists whose writing I always seek out. Thank you for continuing to share the observations of those among us who look at the world from their own unique vantage points, removed at least one step from the conflicts of the day.

Kathy Glenn-Lewin

China Village

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