The government shutdown was mere political theater to anyone who pays attention. It was a form of manipulation orchestrated by both parties to further divide the nation.

Take a step back from the smoke-filled room and examine things from outside the “pro-wrestling” style drama within.

Why does Washington, D.C., always threaten a crisis to veterans benefits, military pay, the elderly or other highly emotional topics?

After all, it always finds the money to send foreign aid to people around the world who hate us. The “shutdown” didn’t stop any of that.

The answer is simple.

The two-party dictatorship in Washington, D.C., talks a lot of talk about being opposed to one another in gridlock. Despite the rhetoric, they always seem to unite for the cause of fear, using it to incite the American people against their neighbors. They always come together at the last second to avert the catastrophes — only after infuriating the public.


Republicans and Democrats at the national level are funded by the same banks and corporations. Maybe the two parties are far more united than most people believe.

How else can one explain the madness? The Republicans were raising the debt limit continually under Bush, while the Democrats and then-Sen. Barack Obama called it “immoral.” Today it is Obama and the Democrats who want to raise the limit to the supposed angst of the Republicans.

Either these people are the most unstable folks I’ve ever seen, or this is all political theater designed to make us believe they are “fighting it out,” when they actually are united in moving us forward to a common agenda. It’s an agenda that hurts We the People and favors tyranny.

Red vs. Blue? Right vs. Left? I’ve had enough of gangs in government.

Jeremy Hiltz, Augusta

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