Our honorable Gov. Paul LePage has been tough on people who abuse others.

There are many kinds of abuse: physical, mental, verbal and some of the things we do. Littering is an abuse to our neighbors. Things we vote for or against can be unintentional abuse to our neighbors. One thing that I believe is abuse is voting to approve bonds.

This is abuse of our children and grandchildren. I believe we should carry our own burdens and not force them onto others in the future.

Bonds are a sneaky way for people who buy them to get a good return on their investments, which are tax-free for both the state of Maine and the federal government.

We can’t let the newspapers and politicians fool us into thinking that they are needed and will put people to work.

We should maintain all of our infrastructure but fix things when they are needed and raise the taxes accordingly. That way we can eliminate the interest we pay on the bonds. And I believe it will put people to work faster.

If we could create a state that doesn’t owe for bonds, out-of-state businesses would flock to move here.

Pay-as-we-go also gives every voter a chance to take some control away from our politicians.

Apathy is what wins on the bond question. The people who vote for the bonds are the people with the money.

I believe it is morally wrong to vote for bonds.

Please make our state a better place to live by voting no on all bond issues.

Richard Eaton

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