The Toxic Substance Control Act is 37 years old this month. For nearly four decades, this incredibly important piece of federal regulation has stagnated and lagged behind the development and production of toxic chemicals.

Workers are exposed to a wide range of products that have received very little or no testing for safety. In fact, out of the 80,000 chemicals in use today, only 200 have been tested.

This is not acceptable to the workers in the nation, nor to their families, who are not only potentially exposed from toxins brought home, but also the consumer products that these chemicals go into.

A bill before Congress called the Chemical Safety Improvement Act is an important update to the toxic substances law. With some modifications, this bill not could only strengthen worker health and safety, but also improve the lives of our children by not exposing them to the consumer products that contain harmful toxins.

I urge Sen. Susan Collins to join Sen. Angus King in strengthening the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, a strong bill that updates and reforms the chemical policy in the United States.

Peter Crockett

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