The only reason these circus-like congressional negotiations even take place is testament to the utter incompetence of our electorate.

We (taxpaying Americans) inexplicably re-elect them, as if begging them to pull the same shenanigans next time around. We can’t fire them as they would have been fired from any non-government job for such poor performance. We do have another option, and it’s amazingly simple: Kick them all out.

The idea of the “Kick them all out” project is quite simple — refuse to vote for any incumbent. All current members of Congress will be replaced over the course of four years by  new, uncorrupted citizen legislators armed with the knowledge that they too face the boot.

The only way to be eligible for re-election is to sign and act on the following demands of the Congressional Reform Act of 2013:

• No tenure/no pension.

• Move all congressional retirement funds into Social Security; the money may not be used for any other purpose. Members of Congress can buy their own retirement plan with their own funds.

• Members can no longer vote themselves a pay raise.

• Members lose their current healthcare and will participate in the same health care system as other Americans.

• Congress must abide by all laws imposed upon the people.

• Spending beyond previous year’s GDP will render them ineligible for re-election.

Dean Chancey


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