The paid advertisement sponsored by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals on Oct. 17 was an outright travesty regarding life.

The words in bold black over a red lobster read, “Hands up, all those who don’t want to be dismembered alive.” (Incidentally, red lobsters aren’t alive.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have the thousands of dollars necessary to counter such an ad. However, there is a beautiful picture available of a tiny baby in utero, reaching out to grab the surgeon’s finger (TodayNewsWorld, Jan. 3, 2013). In this case, the surgeon was saving the baby’s life — not destroying it.

To further focus on PETA’s ad, instead of attacking Linda Bean, I offer the following adaptation of its message: “Family Planning of Maine/Planned Parenthood can and should end the practice of ripping apart live … conscious of pain … babies in the womb at their slaughterhouses.”

Misplaced selective concern is prevalent in our society, and unborn babies seem to be the very last recipients of such concern and compassion. Let us pray that the precious humanity of each unborn baby becomes more visible to a world gone blind.

Pat Truman


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