And on the fourth day, they slept.

Red Sox Nation got a night off Tuesday, following three consecutive games in St. Louis against the Cardinals. The World Series now returns to Boston for Game 6 on Wednesday and, if necessary, the final Game 7 on Halloween night.

The late nights spent watching the Series can be tough on fans with early-morning commitments. Mercifully, the Sox-Cardinals games have been speedy by baseball standards, but even then they haven’t ended until close to midnight.

Too-little sleep, however, is a small price to pay for watching the Sox win, and getting to share it with other fans.

It is times like these that New England feels like a small town, where everyone knows everyone else.

The Red Sox World Series run is an instant conversation starter. Bleary-eyed fans can bond over the previous game’s late-night heroics. All that’s needed is a “How about that game?” to kick off an instant friendship between two strangers.

So take a second to revel in this shared experience among fans all over New England, and enjoy every second the World Series has left.

You can sleep in November.

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