On Tuesday, I’ll be writing in Chris Vallee for the RSU 2 Board of Directors, commonly called the school board. I am a longtime Hallowell resident, a Hall-Dale graduate and father of 10 children, and I want to elect school board members who put children’s education first. Vallee is definitely the person for the job.

Vallee is a committed Hallowell citizen who consistently supports our children through his hard work and generosity. When the Hall-Dale Bulldogs won the state championship, Vallee made certain we celebrated them during Old Hallowell Day. He provided a catered breakfast for the entire team, bought each of them a state championship jacket, and then cheered them on as they marched through our city as champions in the parade.

Chris Vallee cares. I urge others to join me in writing in Chris Vallee for RSU Board of Directors.

Carlton BlancheHallowell