A wise person once told me, “No good deed goes unpunished.” This phrase perfectly describes my experience with Team Hall-Dale.

Since I announced my candidacy for City Council, one of my detractors has attempted to use Team Hall-Dale against me.

In April 2004, I and other citizens formed Team Hall-Dale to raise money for a bigger and better school than the state’s standard school plan. We raised almost $250,000 in donations, which was about, half the school’s additional cost.

Unfortunately, something that began as a charitable organization had become a political football, and I decided that Team Hall-Dale’s time was up. And while I’m disappointed we didn’t reach our initial goal, I am proud of the volunteers and donors who worked with me to save Hallowell taxpayers almost $250,000.

For the record, my opponent never stepped forward to help Team Hall-Dale raise money for our schools; she’d rather sit on the sideline and attack me for my efforts. Furthermore, I am dismayed that she would use her platform as RSU 2 School Board chairwoman to play politics with our children. Hallowell certainly deserves better.

Team Hall-Dale is one of the many contributions I have made to the city of Hallowell, and I hope it will be one of the reasons residents vote to elect me to City Council on Nov. 5.

Andrew McPhersonHallowell